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The affair was discovered, the doctor wanted to rebuild his marriage and his business, and there was no easy way to remove the nurse from his practice. She was an experienced, well-regarded nurse and firing her even following all office manual procedures was not going to happen. The doctor hired an office manager to come in and become the direct supervisor of all staff members, including the nurse.

Once the office manager had been there about a month, some scheduling changes started to take place so that the nurse no longer had her ideal schedule anymore. To a few close colleagues, he shared the real reason he wanted to help his nurse find another job. He essentially started networking for her behind the scenes and when any opportunities for a new position came up, he informed his office manager who sent emails to the whole staff informing everyone that "Dr.

Jones down the street is looking for a nurse, if you know anyone, please let them know about this job opening. As we'd hoped for, the nurse decided to apply for one of those positions herself and within a couple of weeks, she had a new job and things were back to normal. BTW, Do you need help coping and healing? Another complicated situation is when your spouse is a CEO, elected official, or public figure and their affair partner is likely to cause significant damage to your spouse's career or reputation.

In these cases, you need to be really strategic about how to handle the ending of the affair, as everything and anything can be used against your spouse in the court of public opinion or the board room. I get it, I really understand how you feel and you're not wrong If you need help navigating this situation, please reach out to me.

6 signs your partner is cheating at work with a colleague

Also, make sure to grab your free copy of 8 Reasons Couples Never Recover From An Affair , so you can know which other pitfalls to watch out for. In all of these cases, it's important to realize that it's going to take some time to make changes. Few of us can get a new job overnight or help transition an employee to another company right away. While the straying spouse is working on finding a new job or relocating an employee, you must be patient and resist the urge to make the situation worse by confronting the affair partner or telling the spouse's boss about the affair.

Even though some well-known relationship books encourage the injured spouse to expose the affair to the world, I really encourage you NOT to do this. Telling professional associates of your spouse about an affair is a very damaging thing to do. It will harm your spouse's reputation and their ability to trust you in the future. We want to make it as easy as possible for your spouse to get a new job. That's not going to happen if people are gossiping about your spouse as "that guy who had an affair with Kim from accounting," or if his superiors think he is problematic because he has bad judgment.

I understand that it's very tempting to call and inform people about the affair and hope that it just hurts the affair partner, but this is rarely the case. Usually both people involved in the affair get hurt. Let's not add more hurt to the pile of hurt and pain that you already have to deal with. Now what if your spouse has a very, very specialized job or there are no other jobs in your area for your spouse? Most therapists would advocate for you to move and find a new job. I agree that this is the very safest thing to do, but it may not be what you want to do.

Only you can decide if moving is really necessary to help you recover from the affair; if it is, it's worth doing. Ideally, your spouse would change jobs and have no further communication with the affair partner. Please be patient with each other, this is a painful process and you'll only get through it by being kind, compassionate, and working together. I know you can do it. I believe in you!

Trust Rebuilding Roadmap.


My husband was caught talking to another woman. He was first caught back in December where her number was supposedly a wrong number. To which he told me tgat he was just messing around with this person with the wrong number. Later I found he was snap chatting with a woman from work to which I then blocked.

Finally in July I found out he was communicating with the same woman from work and turns out the wrong number was her. He also sent emails saying he wants to make her happy and how beautiful she is but he told me they meant nothing that it was to keep me out of jail even though I had not contacted her anymore. He still works with her. He is a sergeant at a correctional facility and she is a state food service worker. They also corresponded over work emails…He gets mad when I ask to see if she has emailed him anymore. He feels that I should be over it by now… Well Im not and it doesnt help that he works with her.

I dont know what to do. We have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids together. He says he has no contact with her but its hard to believe after being lied to that many times over the same woman. Men love the thrill of the chase and same old same old gets boring at home and they think they are entitled to whatever they see fits them at that time w most men imo.

These Are the Signs Your Partner Is Cheating With Someone at Work

All the same when she is Just sex to him an object and men lust after anything that fancies his pantsies! He gets caught red handed or B. Ask for a divorce C. Has the thought of your husband having emotional affairs at work crossed your mind? Has your partner started to use their smartphone more frequently?


Perhaps they are logging into their social media and email more these days. Or have you found yourself doing these things, so that you can hear and speak to your coworker?

How To Have A Secret Affair At Work

If you have caught yourself or your spouse in this act, this is a crucial sign of an emotional affair. Social media, Snapchat, and Linkedin are all great platforms to secretly speak to your colleagues without raising an alarm. Your spouse may show signs of an emotional affair with a coworker by mentioning the person frequently. They may make little comparisons or tell you little seemingly innocent anecdotes about that person — a lot. Do you find yourself mentioning your coworker a lot in conversation?

Perhaps a little more than you mention other coworkers? When you are in a relationship, you gain attention and emotional reinforcement from your partner. But if your spouse is getting that attention elsewhere, they might start detaching from you, and you may begin to feel unsupported emotionally, and that attention from your spouse is somewhat lacking. Your partner might start discussing their problems with their coworker instead of you, you may not hear about your spouses usual bad days, but they seem content. This will be because your spouse if they are having an emotional affair with a coworker will be getting their support from their coworker instead of you. If you find yourself discussing your problems more with your coworker than your spouse, then you can take this as a sure-fire sign that you are having or developing an emotional affair with a coworker. If your partner is having an emotional affair with a coworker, they might start to become critical of you or put you down in one way or another.

But you might notice the way that they talk highly about their coworker. You might even find yourself rolling your eyes at the mention of their name again! Your partner is potentially emotionally fantasizing about the other person but may also be projecting guilt onto you through their criticism of you. Of course in some situations, this will be perfectly innocent, but it is also a clear sign of an emotional affair.

One of the most significant signs of an emotional affair with a coworker is the gut check.

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  4. Similarly, if your spouse is having an emotional affair with a coworker and you find yourself watching their interactions, clocking any mentions of their name, feeling tense if you find yourself around the coworker in question then this is a sign that you might be right about your concerns over that coworker. It is difficult to survive the painful consequences of spousal infidelity, as the betrayed partner is left feeling deceived. An emotional affair defiles the marriage, but your marriage is important to you and the choice to end the marriage or continue it is yours.

    If you are both willing to make a fresh start, seek marital counseling to get the best advice on resurrecting marriage that has suffered emotional infidelity. Take Course.

    Workplace affairs- 15 Signs your husband is having an affair at office

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