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And with an average rating of 4. TapeACall is a subscription service, so you'll need to sign up for either a pay-each-month or pay-each-year plan. Fortunately, the Lite version of the app offers a seven-day free trial so you can see if you like it before you commit. The service uses a local access number to record calls, so you will always have to merge the call you want to be recorded with the TapeACall local access number. For outgoing calls, you call that number from the app first, then add the person you want to talk to and merge the calls.

For incoming calls, you'll have to put the caller on hold while you add and merge the TapeACall local access number. It's a somewhat convoluted method of recording, but all recorders in the App Store work similarly. Recordings are easy to access within the app, and you can share a recorded call via a public URL or an MP3 file to pretty much any app you choose. There's also a 3D Touch quick action shortcut on the home screen and a widget for even easier access to start and view recordings.

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Learn more. Google Voice is another viable option you can use to record conversations, and unlike TapeACall and its brethren, Google Voice is completely free to use. However, you can only record incoming phone calls, not outgoing. Another downside is that when you initiate a recording, the app will verbally notify the caller when recording has been started and stopped, even if you've muted the call. Despite its shortcomings, however, Google Voice does have its strengths.

For one, recording an incoming call is far easier to do on Google Voice than on TapeACall, only requiring you to tap on "4" in your Phone app's keypad to start or stop recording. In addition, listening to recordings is also just as easy and can be accessed in the Google Voice's "Voicemail" page. Google Voice is a great option if you regularly record business or work-related phone conversations, be it for verbal contracts, interviews, or important meetings.

Best of all, the service is free to use, so we highly recommend giving this app a try before purchasing a call recording app. If you have a jailbroken iPhone , you can buy a tweak from Cydia to record phone calls automatically.

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By default, Call Recorder will record all phone calls, but you can create a whitelist of contacts you only want to record. Using this tweak is the easiest way to record phone calls out of all the methods listed here. It records automatically for whitelisted numbers, and you can manually start a recording for everyone else.

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You can also manually stop a recording for any call. Accessing, sharing, and saving your recordings is also very intuitive.

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The tweak can even transcribe recordings, though the process can be hit or miss as seen from the screenshot above. In all, the only real downside of Call Recorder is it's limited only to jailbroken devices, which places it firmly out of reach for a majority of iPhone users running on stock iOS. If you have a Mac, you can actually use QuickTime Player to record phone conversations on your iPhone.

It will also work with FaceTime calls. However, it only works if you're talking on your iPhone directly in speaker mode, so you can't use headphones for this. If you answer the iPhone call on your Mac instead, QuickTime Player will not function properly when trying to use it. To record, make sure your iPhone is on speaker mode for phone calls or FaceTimes.

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It will also work if you select your Mac as the speaker source. Select the drop-down next to the record button and make sure "Internal Microphone" is checked. Click the record button to start, make sure you're close to your Mac so it can pick up everything, then click the stop button when done. If you're charging your iPhone with your computer via a Lightning cable , make sure that "Internal Microphone" is still selected and not your iPhone's mic, because it won't record unless it's the internal Mac one.

After recording, you can play back right away, then save the file if you want to keep it. Of course, recording conversations using QuickTime has some drawbacks. Because you're essentially using your Mac as a glorified tape recorder, your conversation won't be captured in the best quality. It will also pick up any outside noise which can potentially make your recording hard to understand. The app just needs to know your phone number that you're going to use, an email, and then you create a six-digit numeric pin. Once those are set up, just sign in.

You'll now be able to record inbound or outbound calls and have them transcribed, with the files being able to be shared by email or other cloud services. The app is free to download and use, giving you 20 minutes of recordings and transcriptions each month. You can purchase more if needed through in-app purchases. Free with in-app purchases - Download Now. TapeACall Pro is another fantastic choice for those times when you need to record a phone call with consent, of course. With this app, all you need to do to start recording is launch the app while you are on a call let the other party know that you're recording.

When you launch TapeACall, it puts the call on hold and dials their recording line. Once the line answers, you tap the merge button to create a three-way call between your other caller and TapeACall's recording line 3-way conference calling is required with your carrier.

Recording an outgoing call is also easy: just press the record button to dial their recording line and then tap "Add Call" to call the person you want to record, then press "Merge" when they answer. All recordings with TapeACall can be downloaded onto your computer, and the app supports unlimited recordings. There is an optional subscription service that will provide even more features, such as transcriptions. If you want a call recording app that is flexible with the number of recordings that you may need at any given time, Call Recorder - IntCall is a nice on to consider.

While it's free to download, it's not free to use, but you can buy pre-paid credit or subscribe on a weekly basis. Call Recorder - IntCall lets you record both national and international calls. The entire call gets recorded and saved on your device, where you can send it by email or export it to a cloud sharing service of your choice. Titles can be set for each recording, making it easy to label and organize.

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The app has a sleek interface that feels much more modern and with the times than other apps. Please note that you do need 3-way call conferencing with your carrier's data plan for the app to work properly.

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  5. The app plays a beep to notify everyone that the call is being recorded, and the recordings are saved in high-quality audio. Play back the recordings directly on your iPhone when needed. Phone Call REC is free to download and use with a 3-day trial. Want something that's simple with no frills?

    Then Call Recorder for Phone Calls gets the job done. With this app, you can get unlimited recordings both nationally and internationally too with all of the different access numbers that are available. There are no limitations on how long each recording can be, and you get high-quality audio on both ends. All recordings are saved to your device with easy export and uploading options, and you can even play recordings in the background.