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The app has so many useful features that I can easily keep an eye on my kids online and anywhere they go.

Calls, text messages, locations, geo-fences, all Internet activities. Everything I need to protect my family is in one good app. To prevent my girls 12 and 14 from wasting time on the Internet I've installed Pumpic on their smartphones. This application is a helping hand for parents.

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I can see websites they visit, block inappropriate content and prevent my daughters from contacting strangers. After reading many reviews, forums, and taking advice of other moms Pumpic turned out to be one of the most reliable kid tracker apps in Australia. It includes all functions I need and is simple enough to use it without any technical skills. I got Pumpic and started monitoring his activities both online and offline.

I set geo-fences to prevent him from visiting restricted places and check when he comes back home. The app also lets me check his contacts.

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I would recommend Pumpic to all parents, as it really helps prevent kids from dangers. Pumpic is what I can rely on.

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It lets me view calls and SMS my kids send and receive, follow where they go, see which sites they visit and block bad ones. So if you need a good tool to track your child, Pumpic app protects kids in Australia and over the world. Pumpic is a unique parental control tracking application for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. It is for ethical and legal use only.

Important notice. Try it Free. Track mobile phones across Australia and overseas. Track remotely Locate devices all over Australia Blocks or limit applications and sites Set geo-fences, receive alerts. Cyberbullying Remains One of Major Suicide Factors Among Teenagers 17 year-old Allem Halkic had received over threatening messages from a cyberbully within a few months, which ultimately forced him to commit suicide. As reported by The Australian, 14 year-old Chanelle Rae took her own life after being cyberbullied for her appearance.

The Government Takes Action. Take Control — Protect Your Children on Your Own Thankfully, parents can take the issue into their own hands by means of mobile phone monitoring software. Parental control proved to be the most effective tool against online bullying and child abuse. Pumpic Features Pumpic provides you with multi-featured parental control options and protects your family. Check out the entire list of useful monitoring functions below and keep your children safe.

Control Browser IOS. All Features Start Monitoring. Remote Smartphone Monitoring Right after installing Pumpic, all the data from the target device will be sent to your Control Panel. Live Demo Try it Free. How It Works Pick a subscription plan Visit our Store , check out available subscription plans and choose the one that meets your expectations and monitoring preferences. Set up Pumpic app setup process will take you no longer than 5 minutes.

Track remotely To see the data from the target device, access your Control Panel via cp. Another clue that perhaps spyware might be installed is if the abusive person knows more than they should and that knowledge encompasses the types of spyware monitoring activities we listed above. Because spyware monitors a wide range of activity, the assumption is that abusive person will know all of that information. If the abusive person knows less information than spyware provides or more information than spyware provides, they might be gaining that knowledge from another source.

In some cases, because spyware is running on the phone, you may notice increased battery usage or data usage. If the phone has been jailbroken or rooted, the phone is less secure, which could result in faulty type behaviour on the phone, such as the phone shutting down or dropped calls.

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If you suspect that spyware is on the phone, and your goal is remove the spyware, you can reset the phone to factory setting. This should remove the spyware from the phone. The person who installed spyware will have to have access to the phone again to reinstall it. For further security, it is best that backups or SD cards from the previous version of the phone not be installed on to the new phone. It is illegal to install spyware on devices for the purpose of spying or stalking another person.

If you choose to remove the spyware, it will also remove the evidence.

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If your goal is to preserve the phone for evidence, it is important to work with local police, who may have a specific process on analysing mobile phones for evidence purposes. If you suspect that spyware has been installed, be aware that certain activities on the phone are being monitored, and you may not want the abusive person to know that you suspect spyware is on the phone.

Talking about the spyware in text message, phone calls, in email, or near the phone might alert the abuser that you know. Also keep in mind that spyware monitors location, so you may want to be careful about where you go with the phone. If you take the phone to the police, the abuser may know that the phone is at the police station, for example, so think through of any safety issues that you might need.

There are many other products that are similar to spyware, such as parental monitoring programs. Unlike spyware, most parental monitoring programs are visible on the phone, meaning that you can see that some type of monitoring service is running on the phone. Go through your phone to see if an app was installed without your knowledge. In this case, resetting the phone to factory setting should also remove the parental monitoring program.

Also think about whether the abusive person may have access to your accounts, such as the iCloud or Google account, email, the telco account and your phone bills , or other social media app that might be tracking your location. Having access to those accounts could also give the abusive person similar knowledge to spyware.

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